Fun and fellowship playing Tournament Poker!

In 2004 club founder and 1st Tournament Director George Elias placed an invitation in the Golden Rain Newspaper asking potential poker players to help him form a club dedicated to Tournament Poker. Immediately residents Dolien Nguyen and Haruka MacClean called George and volunteered to help. Very few of the first several dozen callers knew each other or how to play Hold'em. Only a few had played in poker tournaments. Working together the volunteers established rules, playing guidelines, blind schedules, purchased chips, purchased table covers, and began holding tournaments in the LW clubhouses. By May of 2005 the club had 74 paid members and in Oct 2005 it exploded to over 100 members.

Today club membership runs between 100 and 150 people. The tournament plays Texas Hold'em but there are usually one or two tables that play Omaha Hi-Low. The Omaha tables are first come first serve and fill up quickly. Residents who do not know how to play poker can attend Dealers Seminar Saturday to learn poker and practice playing.

Monthly Tournaments

Monthly events take place in club house six located at the northwest corner of Golden Rain and St. Andrews in the hospitality room on the ground floor. Players must be checked-in and seated at their table by the start time.

Day of the Month Time Event
1st Saturday 12:00 Tournament
2nd Saturday 12:00 Dealers Seminar (all months except June and December). This is not a tournament. This day is a seminar where new players and new dealers are taught how to play in a tournament and how to deal in a tournament. Experienced players also participate.
3rd Saturday 12:00 Tournament

Annual Tournaments

Month Event
February Player of the Year Tournament and Potluck Brunch
June 2nd Saturday Summer (WSOP) Tournament at Hawaiian Gardens Casino
Fall Dealers Championship Tournament
Fall Volunteers Championship Tournament
December 2nd Saturday Winter (WSOP) Tournament at Hawaiian Gardens Casino

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

♠ What do the monthly tournament winners receive?

Details about the final game and a short biography of the winner of each tournament will be published in the Golden Rain newspaper a week or two after the tournament. The newspaper can be downloaded for reading at under GR News. The winner of each tournament wins a seat at the Player of the Year Tournament.

♠ What does club membership cost?

As of 2015 annual membership costs $10 per year. Only residents can become members.

♠ Can guests play at tournaments?

Guests can play if they have a member accompanying them who is also playing in the tournament. Guests must know how to play Texas Hold'em. There is a $2 charge for guests to play. Guests can win their table but they cannot go to the final table. If the table winner is a guest then the next runner up who is a member goes to the final table.

♠ Do players have to deal?

At Tournaments each table is assigned a dealer and that person will deal the entire game. Players help the dealer by shuffling spare decks. On Dealers Seminar Saturday the deal rotates and every player at the table deals a hand. All players must deal unless they are physically unable to deal.

♠ Can I sit where I want?

At Tournaments members receive a random seat assignment when they check in for the tournament. On Dealers Seminar Saturday players may seat themselves at any open seat.

♠ Are people friendly?

The club is designed to be friendly. All players are required to be polite and respectful to other players. Rude or aggressive behavior can result in explusion from the tournament. Please see the Rules page for more information.

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